Here are some common questions you may ask about translation and pricing. If you do not find a satisfactory and clear answer here, please feel free to ask our online client service representative for help or dial 020-62903534.

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About Translation

Q: How do you count words?

Our quotation is based on word count of source text in Microsoft Office Word ("MS Word" -- > Tool -- > Word Count -- > Words).

Please note that, unless otherwise specified by client, Alders will charge based on word number of the source text rather than that of translated text. At present, many translation companies lack a unified standard for word count. Take English-Chinese translation for example, in which word number of target language (Chinese) is generally 1.5-2 times that of source language (English). Though some translation companies quote lower prices, they actually charge based on word number of target language, which means higher cost for clients.

Alders is trustworthy and treats each client equally. As a prestigious and dedicated translation company, we charge based on word number of the source text.

Q: Why proofreading or additional proofreading service is needed?

Alders is committed to providing top translation services, including typesetting, manuscript preprocessing, translation, proofreading, late-period typesetting, etc. Among them, proofreading is one of the indispensable and critical steps for delivering the most accurate translation. This includes a detailed review for every translation (covering mistranslation, omission, wrong punctuation, typo, case and spelling, singular and plural forms, verb tense, number, name of person and place, etc.) by experienced proofreaders. Usually, two or more professional proofreaders from Alders will evaluate the professional level and accuracy of translated text or countersign to ensure accurate translation, according to the degree of difficulty and profession level of source text.

Q: How do I facilitate your translation?

Thank you for your kindly cooperation and support for Alders. You may provide us with information related to the translation, such as translated name of person, name and address of company, product name, etc. in contract; meaning of abbreviations in the source text. If source text is a chapter or paragraph extracted from an article, or is an overview PPT, please tell us general information related to the source text, or purpose of translation.

Furthermore, it will be appreciated if you could provide source text in Word format, for it will save our time of format conversion and make it easier for us to count words and translate.

Q: Will you keep my information confidential?

Alders is fully aware that privacy is an important right of clients. We hereby promise that all information provided by clients will be used for translation purpose only and kept confidential. Upon employment, all full-time and part-time translators, and all personnel who have access to clients’ information (including client service representative, project manager, proofreader, typesetting worker, archivist, statistician and financial staff) have signed a confidentiality agreement with Alders. In such agreement, they promise and guarantee that they will not disclose any content of text for translation, client information, third-party information and other valuable information provided by clients which they have access to during the process of translation.

Alders may also sign a confidentiality agreement with clients at request. Alders will strictly implement security measures and spare no effort to protect clients’ commercial interests and commercial secrets.

Q: How should I submit source text / receive translated text?

Generally speaking, Alders receives source text / submits translated text through e-mail or online tools (QQ, WeChat). Hard-copy translated text is available subject to prior agreement (applicable to certificate translation).

Q: Is trial translation available?

Sure. We accept one trial translation under 200 words, free of charge.

Q: How long does it take to deliver translated text?

It usually takes 1-2 business days to translate, edit and proofread a text within 5,000 words. Exact delivery time will be subject to word number of source text, complexity of typesetting and other factors. Alders’ client service representative will customize translation solutions including delivery workflow and time as per clients' specific needs.

We value punctuality and accuracy and stand out from other peers with supreme dedication and expertise. Please rest assured that we will be a reliable partner to work with and will live up to your expectation by delivering the most satisfactory translation punctually.


Q: How should I pay? Is advance payment required and how is it calculated and made?

We have Weidian and online store on our official website. You may pay through WeChat, Alipay, bank cards and other methods.

Please understand that, advance payment is required as translation is customized service, which means that translated text is only useful for specific client. For frequent clients, state-owned enterprises and government agencies with complicated payment request procedures, requirement for advance payment may be relaxed appropriately.

Upon receipt of Alders’ agreement (with amount over RMB 2,000) in PDF format with Alders’ electronic seal and signature, or Alders’ quotation (with amount under RMB 2,000), you may make advance payment (lump-sum payment for placements with amount under RMB 500, 50% of advance payment for placements with amount over RMB 500) to our official bank account. The balance shall be paid upon Alders’ completion of overall project according to agreement, and upon your random check of 60% of translated text. After paying the balance, you will receive the full translated text.

Q: How do I get an invoice?

You may ask our client service representative to issue an invoice if required before placement. Then you may download, fill out "Invoice Details" on our website (Client Center -- Download Files -- Invoice Details), and submit it to our client service representative via QQ, WeChat, email, etc. We will issue an invoice according to your "Invoice Details".

Q: Do we need to sign a contract?

Generally, Alders signs a contract with clients for projects with amount of more than RMB 2,000 to protect interests of both parties. For orders with amount of less than RMB 2,000, Alders may, upon clients’ request, sign a formatted quotation with client. If you have any special requirements, please contact our client service representative.

Q: How do I get a quote?

At present, there is not a unified pricing standard in the industry, and many companies just simply divide translation into several degrees (general translation, ordinary translation, standard translation and refined translation), and charge at fixed rates which they call "personalized" quotation. In fact, truly personalized and customized translation service should take into account clients’ actual needs and offer the most cost-effective quotation on the basis of same quality. Following the principle of charging based on word number, Alders’ client service representative (or project manager) will offer the most cost-effective quotation according to clients’ requirements. Clients may contact our online client service representative for help through our official website, official account or Weidian.

Instead of fixed price list, we provide a variety of ways for enquiry and communication, along with intimate client service. Alders regards quality as its top concern and works strictly consistent with clients' demands. We deem translation as art and fulfill each assignment with utmost care like carving an artwork. Never will Alders be a low-price competitor, and we believe that our translation service is well worthy of its value.