About Us

Alders Professional Translation Services Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Alders") is a dedicated translation company providing industry-leading English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation service. We not only translate corporate text, individual materials like resumes, but also offer quality proofreading service.


Alders was established in late autumn, 2017.

After years of development, Alders has transformed into an independent translation agency from translation team of Alpha & Leader. Since our inception in 2004, we have been sculpturing our skills and carrying out in-depth study in translation in fields such as risk control and legal contracts. We stand out from other peers with consistent and high-quality output.

We focus on translation and attend to every detail. Accurate translation is not only icing on the cake, but also a bridge of more efficient and reasonable communication. Adhering to the principle of "Quality and honesty come first", Alders relentlessly refines its performance while putting clients’ translation purpose and needs at the first place.

“Translate to Dedicate.” We keep our word to dedicate ourselves to fulfilling your needs with professional translation services and handling every word with utmost care. Our strength lies in translation in finance, banking, commercial services, risk control, law, financial accounting, insurance and other professional fields. Alders is well positioned to customize translation solutions with sophisticated terminology database and talent pool. We serve each client sincerely and equally, whether they are new clients unfamiliar with translation or regular clients with specified and strict requirements on translation quality.